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  1. pay court to

    • pay flattering attention to (someone) in order to win favour
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    • pay flattering attention to someone in order to win favor

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    • 請翻譯”爬七辣”成英文&日文

      日本語: ナンパする(nanpasuru)搭訕 ナンパされる(nanpasareru)被搭訕 英語: ask for somebody's number court to... 例:I pay court to you 我向你求愛

    • 一些體育的名詞翻譯!!(很急)不要用翻譯軟體喔!!

      Pay attention to safety basketball court Use rule and pay attention to item one. use this' court...other's junk. Synthesize playground Use rule and pay attention to item one. by turns usage all you have. 2. not push, not...

    • 「泡妞」的英文有哪些?

      ...外國人不這麼說 只用'after'就可以了] 4. 他常常向女生獻殷情 -> he often make (pay) his court to lots of girls [court 在此不是法院的意思 而是求愛跟討好]