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    • pay for的用法

      It is your turn to pay for dinner. = To pay for dinner is your turn. 兩句的動詞都是is... subject Crime doesn't pay.=犯罪花不來。 This stock pays poorly.=這檔股票不合算(因為賺得比定存還少)。 所以pay的主詞,不必是「人...

    • Paying For Goods And Services

      ...the other two forms of payment? A. An owner of a credit card can pay for purchased goos and services at shops that accept that...

    • have you paid for the fine?

      Have you paid for the fine? 你有付罰款/罰金嗎? have+p.p (現在完成式)→最簡單的概念就已經做完 pay(v.)→付 fine(n.)→罰款/罰金