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    • 英文比較法&N+ved的幾個問題

      ... close to your size. See? 並沒有suit躲在[close to]這個片語裡 所以也不會有留下the的這回事... cars; secondhand cars pre-paid calling card 預付式電話卡...

    • 7句英翻中

      ...袒胸露背 Don't wear that bathing suit in public. It is too revealing...友善讓他在同事間收到歡迎。 3.quality n. 品質 Pay more attention to the quality of your work. 多在你的工作品質...

    • 急~能幫我中文的部分翻譯成英文嗎?順便改改英文有無錯誤,謝謝

      ...some references to know what needs to pay attention to when chosing a students' dormitory and how to find a living environment that suits to your favor. Things that ...