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  1. pay-off

    • n.
      賄賂; 遣散金;收益
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 賄賂; 遣散金
    • 2. 收益
    • 3. 回報
    • 4. 結果


    1. a payment made to someone, especially as a bribe or on leaving a job

    2. the return on investment or on a bet

    3. a final outcome or result

  2. 知識+

    • pay offpay up 用法有何不同呢?

      看一下吧 pay off ph. (片語 phrase) 1. 償清(欠款) We will have more money to spend after we pay...後,我們會有更多錢花。 2. 付清工資解雇(某人) The company has paid off some redundant employees. 公司在發放工資後解雇了一些多餘的雇員。 3...

    • pay off 英文翻譯!?

      all of your hard work will never pay off. 你再怎麼努力都沒用的!! catch u up soon 再找你喔!! OR 再連絡...

    • hard work pays off 中文意思 ?

      hard work pays off 努力耕耘就會有收穫