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    pay grade
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    • 求影片內容英文問題 〈菲律賓腔〉 trying to get out of a tough question, "it's not within my pay grade". It means: ask someone else that gets paid more than...

    • 士兵soldier/enlisted man

      ...募兵制,所以從二等兵到士官長,都屬於Enlisted。而士官兵的「薪資級數」(pay grade),也都是以E開頭,從二等兵(E-1),一直到下士(E-4),到...

    • The expert in English, come in

      ...those kids carefully. You'd better pay attention to those kids. 但是我想你的原意應是...quot; In this case, the sentence would be: My grades are not outsatnding/good enough to make the teachers...