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    • 支付的,有利的,合算的付款
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    • pay 用法

      人+pay+錢+for+物 這邊的for的確可以解釋成「為了」 某人為了某物而付錢 若想要表達我付錢給某人,介係詞應該用to 主詞+pay+錢+to+人 I pay 200 dollars to the storekeeper for the book. 我付200塊給店長,是要買那本書。

    • pay for的用法

      It is your turn to pay for dinner. = To pay for dinner is your turn. 兩句的動詞都是...習慣。文法上稱這個後移的主詞為delayed subject Crime doesn't pay.=犯罪花不來。 This stock pays poorly.=這檔股票不合算(因為賺得...

    • paid speaker?

      ... to publicly advocate abstinence for unmarried teens and is now a paid speaker. Bristol從那時開始公開提倡未婚青少年應該禁慾,現在他己經...