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    • 英文版信用卡授權書!急徵!

      ...- Credit Card Payment Card Holder:...for the authority to pay by the credit card. Also, the travel agency will claim the payment by fax or copies papers...

    • 何謂credit card processing?

      ...公司行號,申請能夠讓顧客付信用卡? 當你的顧客,以信用卡付款時,你要由credit card processing提供者拿錢,當然他們會收取(扣除)一些費用. 如果是這種...

    • 英文翻譯這樣翻不知對不對,請高手幫我看看

      ...2005年時平均年齡是33歲。 Additionally, recent increases in payment cards, such as credit and debit cards, have been among the highest in...