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  1. pea soup


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    • pea soup 的翻譯有人知道嗎

      pea soup : soup made from dried peas 豌豆湯 [俚語] 濃霧 [補充] pea souper (口語)濃霧 . 大霧

    • something about linguistic

      ...干擾 >3. cold hard cash -> hold card cash < 首音互換 >4. split pea soup -> plit spea soup < 首音互換 >以下節錄轉述自 http://lc.nccu...

    • 西餐英文會話~幫我翻譯好嗎~

      ... soup, and we have two for you. They are Bean soup and Pea soup! C: ok. How about the main course? W: for meat, we have ...