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    • 和平,治安,和睦,安寧,靜寂安靜下來
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    • PEACE是甚麼意思呀!

      the PEACE of the world 世界和平 PEACE是甚麼意思 和平的意思 peace n. (名詞 noun) 1.和平;和約;和睦[S] We live in peace with our neighbors. 我們與鄰居和睦相處。 2.(社會)治安,秩序[the...

    • peace的前面可不可以不加in

      peace前面的介系詞是in沒錯. A world that plays games together may learn to live together (in) peace one day. 因為live是不及物動詞, 所以一定要加in. I told ...

    • Make peace with ourselves

      Peace is more than importance everyone eagerly intend to share with. To the contrary...easy to own except otherwise all of us can be union together. Without peace, we are not worthyful to alive freely. Thus why we have to make peace with...