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    • 關係代名詞的用法

      The natural sights and peace and quiet are (what) we can't get in the city. that和what 都是關係代名詞。what...

    • 英文翻中文

      1.I appreciate_(being)_ able to study in peace and quiet. (如果)能在平和安靜之中唸書,我會非常感激/珍惜. 2.He is...

    • 有關一個例句country前面的介係詞

      ...鄉村裡的許多特色,祖父只喜歡這兩件. My grandfather loves the peace and quiet of the country. 讀起來應該是祖父喜愛嫏間裡才能擁有的平靜和寧靜 of the country...