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  1. peace march


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    • 一句不太懂的英文

      喪禮的團隊永遠不會有寧靜的日子 A march of the grief never will there be days of peace 這句文法有點怪 所以我建議改成 A march of the gried will never obtain days of peace. -第一位回答的大大錯很大喔

    • 幫我修正一下文法~今天要交了(Little women故事)

      ... have never made a wish abouot world peace or good heath. Little women full of knowledge. In this book. Mr.March went to Battlefield, so Mrs...

    • 急~請幫我檢查英文文法,贈15點

      ...這樣較順 Matzu's birthday is on March twenty-third of lunar calendar.--->twenty和 hope that my family will be peaceful and healthy.Peace & health應改為形容詞 People may use it during...