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  1. peace pipe


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    • 急~~~~請問下面幾個單字怎麼翻英文??

      ...西洋的神社(廟)叫shrine.如果是日本的話叫 Ji n ji ya() 6.piping times of peace 7.名詞是propitiousness 形容詞是propitious 8.guard比較有守護的味道 大概就是這樣...

    • 誰可以幫翻英文~!急急急^^

      ...beautiful plants and fish. He loved the peace and quiet. 他喜歡欣賞美麗的植物和魚,也喜歡寧靜... looked down and saw a huge pipe,it was about 16 feet across.The pipe...

    • 中翻英(急~考研究所用)贈二十點!謝謝!

      ...,and appeal the international society with all can go the piping and its influence,keep China from adopting additional step,influence the region peace the security,also hope the international society realizes ...