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    • 幫我翻成英文 不要用軟体

      ... for military and demolision, while nuclear powerplant is used to generate energy in a peaceful and contributing way. Therefore, we can see that no matter in design...

    • 英文翻譯(生物科技)

      ...that human has longevity and produces more new energy. However, the genetically modified ...selfish to consider their own profit only, but they should peacefully coexist with other biology. This is the purpose...

    • 簡單的短文翻譯~10點

      我自己翻翻看,請參考: 當核融合進行的時候,氫原子失去一小部份轉換成能量的質量。在地表發生的「氫彈」核融合,其威力遠大於普通原子彈。但此種核融合技術可以應用到和平用途上,長時間提供人類活動所需的能量。 最後一句有點不順,對不住囉~