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    peacock oneself

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    • <急!!!>請幫忙中翻英,不要用雅虎字典

      ... has raised the peacock fish, my family&#39;s peacock fish each time some people approached when always arrived on the one hand the fish bowl on the other hand the picture is snatching food; ...

    • 急~英文翻譯!!最快最好的給10點 have roasted goose, castrate chicken, pheasant meat, peacock,etc. traditional a Christmas. Traditionally...will come, each of kinsfolks should make the pudding for one Christmas together, symbolize unitedly and harmoniously, and...

    • 要問 動物的英文成語諺語~知道越多越好唷~

      ...proud as a peacock 自鳴得意;得意洋洋;非常高傲 He was proud as a peacock when he passed his driving test in the first attempt. 2007-06-13 00:32:53 補充: 鵝 cook one's goose 毀了... 的前程...