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  1. pearl wedding

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    • 甚麼是culture region(20)

      ...修養的人。 栽培;養殖[U] The culture of pearls is the mainstay of this county. 珍珠養殖是該縣...教養例句:The tradition of wearing white wedding gown was imported to our culture from...

    • 下列要如何英翻英阿???

      ...of someone 對某人毫無頭緒,無法捉磨 Cast pearls before swine 把有價值的東西給不識貨的人 ... groom got cold feet before his wedding Cold turkey 馬上強迫性地改善(壞習慣...

    • [中翻英] 請幫我翻譯成英文

      ... the difference with Taiwan! Their wedding ceremony may not look like us that lively, will also invite... machine. No wonder Taiwan's pearl tea with milk may raise international! 2008-12-26 19:25:23...