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  1. peasant farmer

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    • 英文達人請進~

      1. The peasant farmers who (B) till the Nile delta still work in...關係代名詞引導,故為形容詞子句,用以修飾前面的名詞 (peasant farmers)。我們通常看到的 till 是以介係詞用,與 until 同義...

    • 急!!英文文法問題!!幫我解答一下!!

      ...) take 你的答案恐怕有誤 helped (to) take off 3. The peasant farmers _____ till the Nile delta still work in the ancient ways of their...

    • ﹝英文﹞單字、文句,煩請用英英翻譯

      ... extensively (4) peasant diet The course of food eaten by peasants, that is, poorer farmers and their farm workers in rural areas, or by extension, other...