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    • 1. 凝視

      She peered at me over the top of her glasses. 她從眼鏡上方盯著我看。

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    • 小二英文~peer,stare以及look的差別?

      look, peer 和 stare 三個, look 是最普通的, look at 就是「看著」,假如你的眼睛在看著一個男生,你就是...照鏡子,摸摸頭髮、拉拉眼角,讓自己漂亮一點,她就是在 peer at the mirror, 或 peer into the mirror: 圖片參考:http://imgcld...

    • peer reviewed 的問題 很急!!!!!!!!!

      ...and the supervisors, this reviewprocess uses that from all peers at higher levels, equal level and lower levelsto assess the effectiveness...

    • 幾個英文翻譯,很急

      Peered 動詞原型:Peer 1.凝視、盯著看 (+at/into) She peered at him closely, as if not believing it could really be him. 她仔細...