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  1. pen in

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    • 1. 將...(宛如)關入圍欄中

      pen in the chickens for the night 把雞關進雞棚過夜

      She feels penned in by her life as a housewife. 她覺得做家庭主婦很受束縛。

    • ph. 用惡毒的筆調寫…

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    • Don’t always have a pen in you

      ...學習聽力 ‧Listen to the radio聽收音廣播 Don't always have a pen in hand. =學英文 ..不用:一直拿著筆在手上 =不要一直用~"看文字"或"...

    • 英文文法:「人事時地物」之先後排列次序

      ... my notes with a pen in the library yesterday. 可知通常: 人--當主詞...副詞兩個調到前面這種調法) With a pen, I wrote my notes in the library yesterday. 可以看文法書的五大...

    • 英文高手請進(10點)

      ...pens because they are very cheap and easy to collect. I sometimes put the pens in a box under my bed; sometimes display the pens on shelves in ...