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  1. penalty

    • KK[ˋpɛn!tɪ]
    • DJ[ˋpenəlti]


    • n.
    • 名詞複數:penalties

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    • 1. 處罰;刑罰[U][C][(+for)] There are now stiffer penalties for drunken drivers. 現在對酗酒開車的處罰更嚴厲了。
    • 2. 罰款[C][(+for)] The penalty for spitting is US$10. 隨地吐痰罰款十美金。
    • 3. 【體】犯規的處罰;罰球[C] The referee gave a penalty. 裁判處以罰球。
    • 4. (行為等造成的)不利結果;損失;苦難[C][(+of/for)] He had to pay the penalties for telling lies. 他因撒謊而不得不自食苦果。


    n. 懲罰;刑罰;批評,報應

    n. 罰金;損失,苦難

    n. 不利,困難


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    • IPA[ˈpenlti]



    • n.
      處罰 the death penalty 死刑 a penalty for sth. 對某事的處罰
    • 刑法,處罰,懲罰,體罰


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