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  1. penalty clause


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    • 麻煩解題(英文-語句重組)

      ...個合約做了很多變更。) 2.We had removed the first penalty clauses. (我們移去了第一條處罰條例。) 3.Then, we had extended...

    • 急~可否幫我寫作一篇商用compaints 週四前要 not receive your response in 24 hours, we will consider to execute the penalty clause as stated in the purchased order. Please take this issue...

    • 國外訂單 細節翻譯

      問題一 1) L/D clause損害賠償金條款 2)If the delivery of the date mentioned, for the reason assignable to supplier a penalty of 5% per week of delay will be charged for the ...