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  1. pencil-thin

    • adj.
      extremely thin
    • 釋義


    • 1. extremely thin a pencil-thin moustache delicate spears of pencil-thin asparagus
  2. 知識+

    • Andmostofthemaremadeofwood

      ...筷子都是一雙一雙的. They are a little bit longer and thinner than pencils. 他們要比鉛筆長些且細些. And most of them are made...

    • ????英文的問題~幫我簡答?????快一點 拜託

      ...heavy? Yes,i am. No,i am not. 6.Isn't this pencil short? Yes,it is. No,it is not (看情形回答)

    • ~~英翻中~~

      1.Peter is thinner than Tom. --->Peter比Tom 瘦。 2. The red pencil is shorter than the white pencil. --->紅色的鉛筆比白色的鉛筆短...