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    • can you put my pencil in mybag

      can you put my pencil in my bag? can = 可以;會 you = 你 put = 把某東西放進去 my = 我的 pencil = 鉛筆 in = 在..裡面 my = 我的 bag = 書包 所以是:可以把我的鉛筆放進我的背包嗎?

    • pencil」當動詞是什麼意思?

      Q「pencil」當動詞是什麼意思? A用鉛筆寫(或畫) 畫草稿 Q He was penciled in to play but withdrew before the game.這句話怎麼翻? A我想應該是.... 他在玩這個遊戲之前就已經被踢除了

    • 英文問題 如果可以請3點以前回覆

      .......) On the sofa is a notebook. 4.There are pencils in the desk 請造否定句ˋ疑問句 There are not pencils in the...