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      【香港】 坪洲


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    • 英文翻譯~尋找專業翻譯書信高手﹝20點﹞

      Dear Peng, I really feels was sorry, That one day such is... can only suspend at heart. As soon as thinks of Brother Peng to my good, Even if does not give up again, Must learn...

    • Windsurfing In Peng Hu

      Lisa: You don't play windsurfing, you windsurf. It takes a long time to windsurf well. If you are interested in windsurfing, you should go to sailing center in 觀音亭。 If you ask the windsurfers there, they will help you to get...

    • 請幫作文中翻英(急)---------記憶最深刻的地方

      ...plane, i return to my hometown every summer vacation, in Peng Hu. The island is like a lost pearl... heart with loving warmth and the beauty of Peng Hu. In my times of need...