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    • 急~澎湖旅遊麻煩幫我英文翻譯

      Penghu tourism11:20 I boat arrived in Penghu's MakungI...and the figure huge windmill photos12:30, I rode my motorcycle to the Penghu AquariumOn the first floor of the most notable facilities would...

    • Penghu....By Elly

      I believe Penghu and Taipei are like two different worlds. Taipei...make more money because it is very expensive to live there. People in Penghu are always very relaxed because there is not much going on...

    • 請幫我翻譯文章,中文翻英文高手~(20點)

      Travel to Penghu For our college graduation trip, everyone pitched in ideas... poor financial state as students, we all decided to go to Penghu! Penghu is a very beautiful national park, filled with ...