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    • club penguin如何買東西

      this feature is only available to members of club penguin.we would love to have you join.if you would like to see more,please click the button below...

    • club penguin secret agent

      2, 3, 2, 3, 3, 2 我也是一個Secret Agent喔!! 我記得是要看到那支Spy Phone是否在Inventory 中。Spy Phone 的紅燈有功能。 祝 順利加入~~

    • Penguins are ~~~為什麼用at?

      44 以~~的速度: at a speed of .... 例如: The train is travelling at a speed of sixty miles an hour. 火車正以每小時六十英里的速度行駛. 47 請參考 一模一樣的句子 Washington, D.C. D...