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  1. penny wise and pound foolish

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      小處精明, 大處浪費; 因小失大
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    • 1. 小處精明, 大處浪費; 因小失大 Forbidding private phone calls in the office cannot really reduce the company's expenses; it's just being penny wise and pound foolish. 禁止在辦公室打私人電話其實不能減少多少開支; 反而是因小失大。
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    • 與錢和誠實有關的用語

      Penny wise and pound foolish. 因小失大 Money breeds(draws/gets...bad master. 金錢是好的僕役,壞的主人 earn (make/turn) an honest penny. 用正當手段賺錢 honest Injun.[Indian] 絕對不...

    • 千萬不要省小條、開大條啊!

      有句諺語. (be) penny wise and pound foolish 大概是類似的意思. Stingy about small expenditures and extravagant with large ones Don't be penny wise and pound foolish.

    • Left-Digit

      小處精明, 大處浪費: 價格認知的"左位元效應" 以消費為例. 2.99和3.00消費者而言何者較有吸引力? 據研究指出, 雖然2.99僅比3.00少了0.01, 但由於小數點左邊的數值從3降為2, 感覺上好像降了很多. 所以可以刺激消費者的購買慾 這個研究相當有趣, 可以參考. 內容很簡單 相關文章: http://www...