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  1. peptidoglycan

    • IPA[pɛpˌtʌɪdə(ʊ)ˈɡlʌɪkan]


    • n.
      a substance forming the cell walls of many bacteria, consisting of glycosaminoglycan chains interlinked with short peptides.
    • noun: peptidoglycan

  2. 知識+

    • 關於微生物方面~幫我翻譯一下@@”~謝謝

      ...或細胞璧]穿透性 3) inhibits incorporation of disaccharide into growing peptidoglycan ==> 抑制雙醣合併成擴增的醣多肽[雙醣不合併,醣多肽也不增長形成了] *disaccharide...

    • Gram-positive & Gram-negative

      ...alcohol -> G+ purple ; G- colorlessfor gram-ve : their thin layer of peptidoglycan is covered by an outer lipid membrane composed of lipoprotein and...

    • propertyzz翻譯

      ... 配子的減數分裂與融合chemically simpler and lacking peptidoglycan 在化學上變的更簡單,而且少縮氨酸Differences in Simpler...