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    • Perceive value for money”的意思?

      perceive value for money. =個人的金錢價值觀 perceive value= Customer's opinion of a product'...這裡就是指錢)是否能滿足個人的需要及要求. 註: perceive= become aware of directly through any of the senses...

    • 請問Perceived Leader Support的翻譯

      版主您好~~ 您問道:「Perceived Leader Support的正確翻法,請問... Environment for Creativity: Perceived Leader Support 這邊Perceived...

    • Time 中”perceived strength”如何翻?

      perceivedperceive(察覺)的過去分詞,這邊當形容詞來形容"strength" perceived strength可以翻成: 被察覺的長處 也就是大家都知道McCain的強項,就是外交政策