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    • 急需!! 介紹衣服品牌的英文介紹

      ...s niche is with high-income, over-25, white-collar professionals, 32 percent of whom have an annual household income of more than $100,000. Another...

    • If you take off 15 percent翻譯

      如果你打85折,我就跟你買車。 TAKE OFF 1。脫掉(衣服) 2。放開 3。打折 4。帶走 5。起飛 6。取消 7。走開(俚語)

    • 想請問一些關於賣衣服的英文用語(贈20點)

      ...for purchases over 3000 4、8折 Twenty percent off 5、2件600 two for 600 6、總共多少錢(共1654元... with-in a month along with the receipt 11、這件衣服、褲子很適合你 This looks really good on...