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  1. perch

    • KK[pɝtʃ]
    • DJ[pə:tʃ]


    • n.[C]
    • vi.[
    • vt.
    • 名詞複數:perches

    • 過去式:perched 過去分詞:perched 現在分詞:perching

    • 釋義
    • 同反義
    • 相關詞


    • 1. (鳥類的)棲息處,棲木 The bird took its perch on a tree branch. 鳥兒棲息在樹枝上。
    • 2. (位置較高的)休息處;高處 We watched the parade from our perch on top of the roof. 我們待在高高的屋頂上觀看遊行。
    • 3. 高位
    • 4. 掛物木釘,掛桿 He has a new perch as president of the university. 他新任大學校長的高職。
    • 5. 【機】(聯繫前後車軸的)連桿,主軸;架


    • 1. (鳥)飛落,棲息
    • 2. (在較高處)暫歇 She perched on a high chair. 她坐在一張高椅子上。
    • 3. (在較高或較險處)座落 The stone buildings perch on a hill crest. 那些石頭房子座落在山頂上。
    • 4. 位於;位居(某職位) I don't want to perch on this position for good. In fact, I have already asked for a transfer. 我並不想永久佔據此位置。事實上,我已經申請調職。


    • 1. 使飛落,使暫棲[O][(+on)] Little birds perch themselves on the branches. 小鳥兒棲歇在樹枝上。
    • 2. 把……置於(較高或較險處)[O][(+on)] A pair of spectacles was perched near the end of his nose. 一副眼鏡架在他的鼻尖上。
    • 3. 使座落於;使處於[H][O][(+on)] The pagoda is perched on top of the hill. 寶塔聳峙於山頂之上。
    • 4. 驗(布)


    vt. 放置;座落於

    • adj.
    • adj.
    • perch的名詞複數
    • 鏟軟


    • ph.
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    • KK[pɝtʃ]
    • DJ[pə:tʃ]


    • n.
      【動】河鱸[C] They went fishing for perch. 他們去捕河鱸。



    • n.
      棲息處; 歇腳處 the parrot was on its perch in the cage 鸚鵡站在籠子裡的棲木上 to knock sb. off his/her perch 使某人喪失名位
    • vi.
      棲息; 坐; 坐落 the bird perched on a branch 鳥兒落在樹枝上 we perched on the high bar stools 我們坐在酒吧高腳凳上
    • vt.
      放置 he perched the infant on his knee 他把嬰兒放在膝上 the cottage was perched above the lake 小屋位於湖泊上方
    • IPA[pɜːtʃ]



    • n.
    • 棲息,棲木,棲枝,高位,有利地位棲息,飛落,坐落,位於


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