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  1. perk ... up

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    • 1. 使某人快活或活潑起來 A holiday would perk you up. 一放假你就快活了。 After a few minutes, the students perked up and began a heated discussion. 過了幾分鐘, 學生們活躍起來, 開始了熱烈的討論。
    • 2. 打扮某人 He had perked himself up for the occasion. 他為此事打扮了一番。
    • 3. 使(服裝、房間、花園等)美觀 perk up the plants with a good watering 給花草澆足水使之精神 You need a bright red scarf to perk up that grey suit. 你圍上一條大紅圍巾能顯得那套灰西裝更漂亮。
    • 4. 昂起(頭); 豎起(耳朵) The horse perked up its head when I shouted. 我吆喝時那馬揚起了頭。