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    • 英文電話預約對話!!(20點)

      ...什麼服務? Conditioning your hair? Dyeing your hair or perming your hair? 護髮?染髮或是燙髮? 6. You may discuss with the designer...

    • [英文]請幫我翻譯美髮英文

      ...先坐這邊,這裡是我們的染燙區 Ok, please sit in our dying/perming section. 我先幫你圍上毛巾 Let me put a towel around your neck...

    • 化妝品 COSMETIC

      ...gel /treatment 摩絲: mousse 髮膠: styling gel 染髮: hair color 冷燙水: perm/perming formula 捲髮器: rollers/perm rollers 工具: cosmetic applicators...