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  1. persevere with


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    • 1. 堅持 We must persevere with the arduous work. 我們一定要堅持這項艱苦的工作。
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    • 幫幫我翻譯幾句英文謝謝..... >

      ...difficulty for the country . 股市的下跌成為國家經濟大蕭條的前兆。 Orville perseveres with his studies even though he must work to help support his family at...

    • 中翻英,請英文高手幫我翻譯這段>"<

      ... the result by the individual effort*. You fight for* it, look for* it, persevere with* it, and sometimes even* travel around the world to find* it. 註: generally believe(...

    • [英翻中]She is with Clinton the whole nine yards.?

      ...recently, the term's come to mean encouragement for you to persevere when the going's getting tough…” 這句話...但輸了競選人票(事實) 最終意思:She is with Clinton(她們兩位仍然在一起 - 字面意義 ) the whole...