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  1. persist

    • IPA[pəˈsɪst]


    • v.
      continue in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition;continue to exist; be prolonged
    • verb: persist, 3rd person present: persists, gerund or present participle: persisting, past tense: persisted, past participle: persisted

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    • persist 和 insist 的差別?

      Persist 是比較一個持續地做一件事 He persisted in the study of law. 他堅持學習法律 The storm persisted for a week. 暴風雨持續了一個星期 He persisted that he had...

    • insist 跟 persist 有啥差別

      ...state or demand forcefully, "especially despite opposition"(特別是儘管反對或相反) persist definition: 1.If an unpleasant feeling or situation persists, "...

    • 請問一下 堅持的愛的英文翻譯

      Persisted love English. 2006-10-17 23:55:12 補充: Persisted love