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    • 英文演說主題:persuade 急!!!!!!!!!!!

      我以說服大家騎自行車代步為主題寫了約兩分鐘的講稿, 並翻譯成中文, 請參考 Let’s cycle! Cycling is the hottest fashion these years. If you haven’t got a bike yet, you are out! Since the global warming...

    • 背新聞對話的技巧

      ...1)Check the purpose of the talk:-Is it to inform,to entertain or to persuade (2)Watch the topic (3)Collect your ideas get more infomation if you need to from...

    • Persuasive paragraph

      ...dangerous, one might die when they first try doing drugs 其他topic 的話, 就像 persuade 別人吃素, 不要喝咖啡之類的 Hope it helps