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      ...解決、問題(think about a problem or a situation anddecide how you are going to deal with it 設法解決;處理;對付) e.g.In order to address the questionof what...

    • 急需中翻英高手,幫忙翻譯一封信

      Pertaining to this specific case, please kindly provide asisstance on the issues listed below...framework planning. (2) Regarding function ABC, would you be able to provide the detail information for our reference and asessment? (3) There...

    • Can we be informed of test 英翻中

      英翻中如下: Can we be informed of test results as it pertains to this seal? 我們是否能夠得知此物品能否和密封墊(或焊接物)相搭配呢? 2006-05...