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    • 使通過的,讓過去的,可通的
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    • 請教英文的"鐵窗及採光罩"該怎麼說?

      ...採光罩未必是see-thru或tranparent(透明), 應以「透光」來表達 採光罩(大型頂篷): light-pervious roofing 採光罩(窗外頂篷): light-pervious window awning

    • 誰可以幫幫我翻譯這篇文章(要很標準喔)

      ...after adjustments for weight and BMI (data not shown) 和在pervious 研究中在臺灣, 糖尿病人比他們女性counterparts(Table 2) 被發現...

    • 能幫翻譯英文一下嗎 Orz

      ...'s manufacturer emphasize on, their camera's lens as glass for material, so pervious to light rate good, dart image much clear. Just at present many test reports...