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    • 瑣碎,微少,小氣,卑鄙
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    • 請問 ~ 莫以善小而不為 , 莫以惡小而為之 的英文,謝謝

      ... 大師給了這麼一個譯法, Do not refuse any charity for its pettiness; Do not allow any vice for its triviality. 可是在下認為「為」的本義...

    • 4題英文問題~ 請幫我~

      1. Before reading the selection, you know that it will discuss which of the following? 答案︰ B. How death is expressed in music. 2. To understand this passage, it would help to have prior knowledge of: 答案︰ D. What a funeral is like. 3...