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  1. phone booth


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    • 「horizontal call」是何意思?

      ...die, I will kick the bucketand lay horizontally.2.「brass-handled phone booth」?= almost all caskets/coffins have brass-handle (to show off how rich...

    • 請問stand和booth不同

      ...example make a telephone call or vote 不受妨礙的封閉空間(如電話亭、投票間等) a phone booth 電話亭 a polling/ voting booth 投票間 photo booth 自動照相棚 (設...

    • 翻譯句子和解析---20點

      ...那裡有電話亭,你有電話卡或者是硬幣嗎?? A: There are some phone booths; do you have any IC phone cards or coins? B: 有...