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    • 1. 打電話(尤指打至自己的工作處) phone in sick 打電話請病假
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    • on the phone = in the phone

      On the phone才是正確的! In the phone是指某物品在電話機裡面. ex 電話機裡面的螺絲 (a screw in the phone). On...

    • in which的用法

      ...因為People were using mobile phones in these cases. in which = in these cases... were using mobile phones in these cases, and.these cases ...

    • phone” 除了電話還有什麼解釋??

      這句英文的確是phone something in沒錯!不是phony,因為phony不當動詞用,所以不會有phony it in還有...意思:I'll phone the report in tomorrow morning.She phoned in sick. (打電話到公司請病假)(以上兩例句採用自Longman...