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    • 物理的,物質的,體力的,身體的,自然的
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    • physical在文中的意思???

      1. [The building was created as a physical representation of democracy. It would be a physical version of America '...

    • Physical &Chemical reaction的問題

      1.Describe the difference between a physical change and a chemical change.(請描述物理變化和化學變化之間...the following everyday activities are physical changes, and which are chemical changes...

    • physical address解釋為什麼?

      電子/PC與週邊 physical address: The actual, machine address of an item or device. 實體位址 physical address。 對應到某硬體記憶位置的位址。在支援虛擬記憶體的處理器中,程式會參照虛擬位址,然後再由記憶體管理硬體映射到實體位址上。