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    physical disabilities

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    • 英語達人,志願服務及身心障礙優良志工表揚英文怎說?

      ...的新聞寫法,裏面其實包括肢體殘障(physical disabilities)與心智殘障(mental disabilities.... Helps eligible people with physical or mental disabilities find and keep jobs. 2006-12-25...

    • fitted在這句話裡是什麼意思?

      Some cars are fitted with hand controls for people with physical disabilities. 為了殘障人士有些車子會安裝hand controls 這個設備 fitted安裝

    • 英文翻譯 講稿

      ...傾聽! Today I must lecture the subject is related of physical disabilities! Perhaps many people will think that of physical disabilities ...