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    • 幫忙檢查文法及內容

      ... three arguments opposed to physician-assisted suicide. A. Kill a person is...almost every western democracy--it is a crime to assist a suicide. [n.8] The States' assisted...

    • 如何寫醫助自殺(PAS)的thesis及outline?

      ... of physicial assisted suicide" "A liberal defense of physician-assisted suicide" "Physician-assisted suicide, moral perspective, and the...

    • 英文翻譯..拜託幫忙翻成中文

      ...在執業時,使用自己的主觀判斷而讓自己跳脫客觀/標準的判斷! Computer-assisted clinical protocols may be useful as an adjunct to physician clinical practice and in assessing the quality of care. The use of these...