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  1. pick

    • IPA[pɪk]


    • v.
      detach and remove (a flower, fruit, or vegetable) from where it is growing;take hold of and lift or move
    • n.
      an act or the right of selecting something from a number of alternatives;the person or thing perceived as the best in a group
    • noun: pick, plural noun: picks

    • verb: pick, 3rd person present: picks, gerund or present participle: picking, past tense: picked, past participle: picked

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    • pick up a few things

      pick up a few things 意思很多,重點在 pick up。 pick up 基本意思是「撿起來」,也有「挑撿...樣東西。 (「挑」can use 的幾樣東西) They pick up a few things they can use. 他們挑了幾樣用...

    • don't pick up 有幾種解釋

      ...女朋友表明 只要是你打的電話就不接 Don't pick up 是指不要接這個電話 Don't pick up the...kid now. 我現在要去接小孩 Don't forget to pick me up at the airport. 不要忘了去機場接我 (3) 接...

    • pick up 的意思?

      pick up sth 1. collect sth from a place sth from a shop 從你的例句應該兩者都可用 e.g. She asked me to pick up her clothes to the hospital.>>把..拿來 e.g. She...