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  1. pick ... out

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    • 1. 挑選出 She was picked out from thousands of applicants for the job. 從數千申請人中挑選出她來做那份工作。 He picked out the ripest peach. 他把熟得最透的桃挑了出來。
    • 2. 分辨出 pick out sb./sb.'s face in a crowd 在人群中認出某人/某人的臉 It was just possible to pick out the hut on the side of the mountain. 那小舍座落在山邊, 隱約可見。
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    • 幫忙找動詞片語造句

      1.pick out 1. 挑選出 She was picked...中挑選出她來做那份工作。 He picked out the ripest peach. 他把熟得最透...他已經給自己惹的麻煩。 用法︰ point out 表示指出, 提出, 後面可以接具體的人...

    • 請幫我用一段英文話翻譯pick out 這個單字(20點噢)

      PICK OUT 1. pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives, as...discern from one's surroundings, as in They managed to pick out their mother from the crowd. 3. Identify the notes of a tune...

    • 請問片語之事come by及pick out

      ... 顯得結構不夠緊密第二句 picked it out of the sea也可以是 picked out it fromthe seae.g. Let me pickout some good ones for you. 讓我...