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    pick someone's brain

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    • i am picking your brain

      FYI, pick someone's brain(s) Fig. to talk with someone to find out information about something. I spent...

    • 問一題英文問題(普46-1-3)

      ... disorder was thought to be exceedingly rare and mainly a result of brain injury. (1)這一題的語意是甚麼? 這種失能(相貌失認症狀) 被認為是極罕見的...

    • 問一題英文問題(普46-1-5)

      The new study showed that prosopagnosia is highly heritable and surprisingly common, afflicting, in some form, about 1 in 50 people—more than 5 million in the US alone. (1)這一題的語意是甚麼? 新的研究結果顯示,臉孔辨識困難症係高度遺傳而且有驚人的普遍性,大約每五十人就...