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  1. pick sth. out

    • ph.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 憑記憶演奏(樂曲)(如用鋼琴)
    • 2. 細心研究後發現或領會某事物 pick out recurring themes in an author's work 領會出作者作品中反覆出現的主題思想 Can you pick out the operatic arias quoted in this orchestral passage? 你能聽出這段管弦樂曲裡有歌劇詠嘆調嗎?
  2. 知識+

    • 英文片語配對問題; the towels, your coat pick up (撿起來) ===> the garbage, your coat, your sth. put away (收拾) ===> the newpapers..., your coat take out (拿出來) ===> your towels...

    • 請問”摳腳”的英文怎麼講?

      ...非大挖特挖把血給掘出來吧?因此,用dig out來形容,個人認為不妥。 這和熟知的挖鼻孔pick your nose,剔牙pick your ...在這種用途中,原意指的是to pull or remove sth or small pieces of sth from sth else...

    • 關於quarrel這個單字

      ...the toss argue with [against] sb on [about] sth 就某事與某人辯論 argue against [for...勸說 argue down 說服(某人) argue sb into [out of] 勸某人使其答應[放棄]… 5...拍不響. 4. 名詞 爭吵[吵嘴]的原因 pick [seek] a quarrel with sb 向某人找碴吵架...