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  1. pick sth. up

    • ph.
      通過實踐學會(外語、技術等);得, 染(疾病)
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    • 1. 通過實踐學會(外語、技術等) She soon picked up French when she went to live in France. 她到法國居住後很快學會了法語。 The children have picked up the local accent. 孩子都學會了當地口音了。
    • 2. 得, 染(疾病) pick up an infection, a cold, the flu, etc. 受傳染、著涼、得流感
    • 3. 買到某物(尤指價廉或運氣好) She picked up a valuable first edition at a village book sale. 她在鄉村圖書展銷會上買到一本珍貴的首版書。 They picked up most of the furniture at auctions in country towns. 他們大部分的傢具都是在鄉村鎮上的拍賣處買的。
    • 4. 聽到(閒話等); 獲悉或打聽到(消息等) He picked up an interesting piece of news. 他聽到一則有趣的新聞。 See if you can pick up anything about their future plans. 你看能不能打聽到他們未來計劃的消息。
    • 5. 取或收集某物 I've got to pick up my coat from the cleaners. 我得到洗染店去取大衣了。 I'll pick up something for dinner on my way home. 我在回家的路上要順便買些東西做飯。
    • 6. 吸取或得到某物 The trolley bus picks up current from an overhead wire. 無軌電車的電能是通過架空線供給的。
    • 7. 發現某事物; 找到某事物; (重新)接合或會合 pick up a trail, a scent 發現蹤跡、察出氣味 pick up the track on the other side of the river 在河對岸發現蹤跡
    • 8. 跌倒後爬起來 He slipped and fell, but quickly picked himself up. 他失足滑倒, 但馬上就自己站起來了。
    • 9. 好轉; 改善 We're waiting until the weather picks up a bit. 我們等到天氣好些再說。 The performance started badly but picked up towards the end. 演出開始時很差勁, 但近結尾處就好多了。
    • 10. 拾起 The boy picked up the hat for the old man. 男孩替老人拾起了帽子。 You should pick up the tools after work. 工作結束後應該把工具收拾好。