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    • pick up a few things

      pick up a few things 意思很多,重點在 pick uppick up 基本意思是「撿起來」,也有「挑撿」、「拿起... we had on the topic helped me pick up a few things. 我們在這個主題上的一些討論...

    • pick up意思

      pick up sth 1. collect sth from a place sth from a shop 從你的例句應該兩者都可用 e.g. She asked me to pick up her clothes to the hospital.>>把..拿來 e.g. She ...

    • 這裡的picked-up是什麼意思?

      ...增加,預計在明日會高達3百萬輛. 另外,這裡出現兩次的pick-up該作何解? 這些pick-up是動詞 "(緩緩)增加"的意思. 還有,第2段裡的...remained at...