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  1. pick up

    • ph.
      take hold of and lift or move someone or something;answer a phone call
    • 釋義


    • 1. take hold of and lift or move someone or something
    • 2. answer a phone call
    • 3. pay the bill for something, especially when others have contributed to the expense
    • 4. tidy a room or building
    • 5. put something away neatly
    • 6. lift up one's ball, especially when conceding a hole
    • 7. go somewhere to collect someone, typically in one's car
    • 8. stop for someone to board a train, boat, etc.
    • 9. arrest someone
    • 10. casually strike up a conversation with a stranger, with the aim of having sex with them
    • 11. return to a point made by someone in order to criticize it
    • 12. make someone feel more energetic and cheerful
    • 13. stand up again after a fall
    • 14. collect something that has been left elsewhere
    • 15. obtain, acquire, or learn something, especially in an informal way
    • 16. catch an illness or infection
    • 17. become better; improve
    • 18. become stronger; increase
    • 19. detect or receive a signal or sound, especially by means of electronic apparatus
    • 20. become aware of or sensitive to something
    • 21. find and take a particular road or route
    • 22. resume something
    • 23. refer to or develop a point or topic mentioned earlier
    • 24. (of an object or color) attractively accentuate the color of something else by being of a similar shade